Now that summer is with us and the frosts are over, we can enjoy the summer bedding that we cannot grow in the colder months. There are numerous varieties i.e. bizzy lizzies, petunias, lobelia, the list is endless and usually in bold colours.

However, like many plants some bedding prefer full sun, for example geranium but then others, like fuschia do prefer some light shade. It is worth remembering this as well as remembering to feed them fortnightly, so that you can get the most from your summer bedding and make it last until the colder autumn months.

Hurrah, summer has arrived and everything is growing like mad!

With plenty of rain and warmer soil temperatures, everything is flourishing including of course, the weeds. I have previously mentioned using alternatives to chemical weedkillers and having recently used table salt on a customer’s patio – between the cracks in paving, I can say it worked wonders.

We pulled up the worse of the weeds first, exposing any stems that were difficult to get out from underneath and then just sprinkled along the cracks with the salt – easy. However, as we all know new weeds will always grow but if you catch them young, then no other weed control is needed.

It is the beginning of the BBQ season now and everyone is appreciating their outside space. If you have an event coming up and you need some extra “kerb appeal”, then let us know, we would be happy to help. As we enter the height of the gardening season, there are plenty of gardening events in and around the area, with open gardens, plant fairs and shows. Well worth a visit to get some ideas for your own space or just to enjoy an afternoon tea, in lovely surroundings – see the back page “Garden Visits” for more information. If you are planning to go away over the summer months and you are worried about your plants. Please note that we do offer a “Holiday Watering Service”, should the need arise.

Happy Gardening!