Under the ARCH

Heat Wave Advice

I hope this newsletter finds you well and surviving the extreme heat we have had recently. We are asking a lot of our plants and gardens this year – first the long, freezing temperatures of the winter, very little spring and then straight into summers heatwave all within 6 months.
There has been a lot of water being used to keep both us and the garden hydrated and those of us with water butts have found that they have run dry and I personally, wish I had installed more than one, particularly after all that rainfall we had to endure over the winter and spring.
This year I will be linking a couple of butts together, to collect much more. However, ”grey” water can also be used. I’ve left a bowl in the sink just for that purpose, rinsing fruit and veg, washing hands, rinsing a cup before reusing – all of this water can be collected and put on the garden. Most lawns are now brown but I am assured that the grass will soon be turning green again, once the rain does appear.
Although if you are planning to have your lawn scarified this autumn, now would be the ideal time to do this rather than waiting for the rains. If you are away and need help with the watering please do let us know and we will be happy to pop in and water for you.

I know many of the gardens are suffering loss of plants as the weather takes its toll. On the plus side (I always like to find a positive!) we can see which plants are real survivors – established yew, hawthorn, silver birch, roses, honeysuckle, sedums and japanese anemones are all plants that appear to be ok through both the winter cold and now the summer heat. However, penstemons, acers and hydrangeas all appear to be curling up. Obviously every garden is different with different soils, micro climate, etc but it is an indication of what plants works where and planting more of what works rather than planting moisture lovers in a dry garden.